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Our services

Key account development

AGG Excellence has developed an incomparable expertise to develop the products of our partners with your customers and future customers. With contacts developed over decades of success with head offices over all of the Center and Eastern Canada, we bring your sales to another level with high impact customers.

Independent coverage

With an excellent team and a focus on our partners, we know how to target independents that can bring you sales success for your sales while respecting product availability constraints.

Advanced reporting

With a cutting-edge internal report system, we can do in-depth analyses and business reviews to discuss the activities that have taken place for the reviewed period, types of customers where we have success with your products, reasons for refusals, etc.

Best customer service of the industry

Partners and distributors alike are unanimous, our customer service team is second to none to communicate issues with your team and find solutions to satisfy all parties.

Local printing of marketing documents ($)

On request, we can print sales brochures for your customers, in multiples of 50.

Contact us for any request

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